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If you're looking for big uncut frat boy dicks, look no further. Ryan Rider is a tall handsome college kid with a big muscled body, horny tattoos and a big, fat, uncut cock. He's in for a medical to see if he's fit enough for the basketball team.

Getting him undressed to his boxers, the doctor carried out all the usual checks, getting incredibly turned on by this hunks stunning body. Dirty doctor just had to have more! He got Ryan to take all his clothes off and lie back on the exam table. His huge uncut cock was soft and lay right across his thigh!

The doctor started playing with his dick, saying he needed a sperm sample. He jerked his hand up and down on Ryan's stiffening eight inch dick; his foreskin covering and uncovering his big knob head. The doctor upped the pace with his hand as Ryan squirmed on the table - with pleasure, not embarrassment! He was moaning and moaning and with a yell, his fat uncut frat boy dicks load erupted, gushes of cum shooting all over his six pack. Go for it here! If he gets in the team, I bet he could shoot for your basket any time!

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Weve all seen them: those incredibly hot STRAIGHT men. What would you give to be a fly on the wall of their bedroom as they strip naked, stroke their dicks, and shoot massive loads? Its a nice dream but never a realityuntil now. Circle Jerk Boys is all amateur straight guys stroking alone and together. Come inside to see them do for you what theyve been doing in private for years.

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Studio Name: Circle Jerk Boys

A mouthful of frat boy dicks cum

Do you like a sneaky look at frat boy dicks? You're going to love this hidden camera show! A camera was hidden in the garden when straight boy Johnny visited. He is definitely curious about gay sex but was never going to talk about it publicly. Sean introduces himself to Johnny and they end up chatting about gay sex and his interest.

Sean knows how to chat straight boys up and gently, oh so gently, he pushes and cajoles Johnny until he agrees to let Sean suck his dick; it took some hard work on Sean's part, but he finally manages to get his lips around that big straight cock. Once Johnny was aroused, Sean stands up, and as he continues to rub Johnny's cock he gives him a deep French kiss. Johnny was OK about the kiss, returning it with passion and mounting excitement! Sean works his lips back down to Johnny's cock, licking around the shaft and down on his balls.

That had Johnny so hot that went Sean encourages him to his knees, with Sean's throbbing cock in his face, Johnny had no hesitation in opening his mouth wide and swallowing his rock-hard cock. These college boys continue sucking frat boy dicks; Sean enjoying another straight conquest and Johnny really getting off on getting sucked by another guy and getting his mouth around a cock. Finally, both guys collapse in a heap after shooting massive loads of cum from their frat boy dicks, see straight boy Johnny go gay here! Was Johnny's curiosity satisfied - he says he might have to try a couple more time to be sure; yea, right!!

Connor´s never had a mouth as hot as Travis's on his cock - or in his ass. Travis gets Connor cock going with some stroking before swallowing his fat cock all the way down! Travis tongues his tight hole before Connor's frat boy dicks sticky load lands on his face. See this hot creamy facial here!

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