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Horny University Roommates Suck Each Other For The First Time cover

Some scenes tend to go better than others, and I'm a firm believer in the right chemistry making a difference. I stayed hard throughout the entire shoot and I bet you will too.Cedric had called me needing some extra cash for school and admitted that he was feeling rather horny. Although he tends to identify more as straight,he has a slutty submissive side to him with cravings that only a big cock will subdue. I immediately thought of Corey who loves hot young twinks,and the two hit it off great. They both seemed to get into it rather than just go through the motions. Jake was getting ready to move away for college and wanted to get in as many hot scenes as he could before he left. Corey just loved having sex... especially with hot younger twinks. Jake literally turned 18 a week or so prior to filming and wanted to get some hot videos in before he had to move away for college. Jake is bi and loves to fuck,and Trey is also bi and loves to get fucked. There was really good chemistry in this video not to mention tons of sucking and fucking.

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Studio Name: Steve Myer Productions

Glenn frat boy dicks Devin in hot sex

When it comes to frat boy dicks, Glenn Phillips and Devin Adams make a hot pair. Devin has that cute baby-face which belies his toned body, and Glenn is your typical college jock, tanned and fit-bodied with a very nice bubble butt!

These two hot college boys get their juices flowing fast. As the lads start kissing, they start to grab each other all over, checking out their bodies, asses and cocks. Devin makes the first move, he drops to his knees, grabs Glenn's cock and starts sucking on it, licking it all up and down before swallowing it totally (and not even gagging - good boy!). Glenn loved it and was determined to give as good as he gets; sucking on Devin's throbbing cock, he eased his throat to let it slide down.

Devin can take Glenn's cock right down to his bushy pubes in another way as well - in his ass, and it's not long before Glenn had Devin bent over and is fucking him deep and hard, and slapping his ass. Getting even hotter, Devin is hanging off a chair as Glenn slams his big dick in and out of Devin's tight hole.

Flipping Devin over on his back and grabbing hold of his ankles, he fucks him even harder until Devin blows a thick load. Check out these two hot frat boy dicks as they suck and fuck to an explosive cum, get it now! They say that college is the best days of your life - these hot college boys certainly agree!

Frat boy dicks a hot ass

Frat boy dicks in the yard makes a hot boring day more interesting; especially if one of the frat boy dicks belongs to a straight guy. Austin manages to juggle 3 girlfriends and still find time to 'cum' along for a 'shoot'! This straight guy has had his cock sucked by another guy and really enjoyed it, but he hasn't sucked cock, nor fucked, or got fucked, by another guy; it's going to take a lot of cash to get this straight college boy to take a walk on the wild side

Justin is a college boy party animal and always needs some cash and Austin said that he thought he was hot. Indeed, both guys were hot so they moved under the waterfall in the yard and stripped off under the running water; looking really hot as their clothes started clinging to their bodies. They were so into each other that they hadn't realized that a couple of other guys had come into the yard and were watching the action and playing with their frat boy dicks. Austin was doing a really good job on Justin's cock, getting it really hard (he has a great tongue action - the girls most love him for that!).

Justin Wanted some of that straight boy cock, and takes his place on his knees and really starts sucking on that dick; Austin grabs his hair and pushes his mouth down deeper on his cock. Justin kept working on Austin's cock, getting him so hot that when Justin turned him round and rimmed his virgin hole, Austin didn't even hesitate; nor did he when Justin got his throbbing hard cock and eased it into his tight fuck-hole; it hurt but it was good! Justin frat boy dicks his straight mate's virgin hole and then shoots his load all over him. Get this straight college boy's first time here! Austin says that he'll find more time from the girls for more of this hot gay action!

Collegiate Creampies cover

Dawson, Austin, Aiden, Kent, Cain, Zeb, Kenny, and Chase pack this release with massive amounts of ripped muscle, and flood each others holes with massive amounts of college-stud cum in this collection of hardcore, raw action episodes from Corbin Fisher. Collegiate Creampies proves the only thing more impressive than how hot these young CF studs are is how wild theyre willing to get on camera!

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Studio Name: Corbin Fisher

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