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Collegiate Creampies cover

Dawson, Austin, Aiden, Kent, Cain, Zeb, Kenny, and Chase pack this release with massive amounts of ripped muscle, and flood each others holes with massive amounts of college-stud cum in this collection of hardcore, raw action episodes from Corbin Fisher. Collegiate Creampies proves the only thing more impressive than how hot these young CF studs are is how wild theyre willing to get on camera!

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Studio Name: Corbin Fisher

Frat boy dicks around with medic

It's not often that a frat boy dicks the medic, but today Ryan's going to do just that. Ryan is a blue-eyed, blond, cute hunk with a smooth, toned, body and some hot tattoos. His last examination ended up with the medic blowing him to an amazing orgasm and today Ryan's going to repay the favour!

Getting the last appointment of the day, Ryan wasted no time in getting his kit off and getting to work on the medic, loosening the waist of his scrubs and lowering his pants to release his already hard cock. The medic was so hot for this cute dude that he had per-cum dripping from his knob.

Easing the medic back to the exam chair, the horny young college hunk went to work on the medic's cock, licking and slurping the full length of it before swallowing it in his mouth. Ryan has great cocksucking skills and some amazing techniques which had our medic writhing and moaning with pleasure, his cock so hard it was going to burst - which it eventually did, all over Ryan's chest! You'll love watching as this frat boy dicks around, bringing the medic's cock to a blasting cum, here. Looks like Ryan's going to be having a lot more medical appointments!

Jizzed on by frat boy dicks

These guys were coming in to show their frat boy dicks for the camera for some extra college cash. Well, two of them were; Kayden is straight and although he needs the cash, he's here more out of curiosity. Jaydin and Kayden bargained hard but were still not willing to do more than mess around. Then they found out about Jasper, who was upstairs, tied-up!! That got both their interests and it was worth the large amount of cash to see these two hot college boys using their frat boy dicks to fuck helpless Jasper.

Jasper was a bit shocked when he realized that there were two guys going to fuck him; well, With names like that, they have to come in sets!! Jason was hanging there, semi-naked, blindfolded and helpless, ready for them to do whatever they wanted! The both started fondling his body and sucked his cock. Jasper is dead kinky and was loving it all. The two guys were so busy working on his cock, both of them loving his Prince Albert piercing!

Eventually both boys wanted Jasper's hot lips on their cock, so he was released from his binds, to drop to his knees and work their throbbing boners. He's an expert cock-sucker and soon had both guys squirming and moaning; eventually he worked a huge sticky load from each of these frat boy dicks all over himself, as you will if you go here! They certainly came in sets and straight-boy Kayden is more than curious now, he's a convert!

Shane wasn't sure about being a bottom in this scene. He was really nervous about it but once Rusty started pounding his fat cock up Shane's tight fuck-hole, he was in heaven! Shane's cumshot is awesome, his frat boy dicks huge load drenches him all over! You'll love how Shane's navel turns into a cum pool!

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