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Richie know that his frat boy dicks going to earn him some money; it's not the first time this bi-sexual guy's been in adult movies but never gay ones. He admits that sometimes it's about the money and sometimes it is about having fun. He was more than happy when he met with Sean, this was going to be for fun.

Sean isn't sure about his sexuality yet; he mostly enjoys screwing girls, but has a secret yearning to do it with another guy and for $800 he's going to swap blow jobs with Richie!

You're going to love seeing these two guys working on each other's cock; lots of slurping, sucking and deep-throating; but it gets better - Sean gets so hot and horny that when Richie starts fingering his hole, he doesn't try to stop him. Richie knows a trick or two and before he knew it, Richie's frat boy dicks right up Sean's tight fuck-hole; you'll get all this and more needy college boys right here. Has that helped Sean come to a decision; maybe, he says, but he'll have to try it some more!!

Seducing College Boys cover

These horny lads know the secret for Seducing College Boys! Its simple a few compliments, a knowing look and a hand casually brushing over their crotch theyll be putty in your hands in no time! These guys make the art of seduction look easy as they kiss and caress their intended, and willing, victim stroking their hair and slipping a hand inside their pants and feeling the hardness grow beneath their touch. Clothes are soon a heap on the floor and cracks are tongued and lubed, cocks are suckled and these college guys are aching to have a fat boner piercing their ass. Five deliciously devious guys seduce young college guys into giving up their virgin butts for the bare and raw fuck of a lifetime!

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Studio Name: Bareback Boy Bangers

Eddie needs some money and was ready to get fucked hard. He has a fantastic bubble-butt and a tight pink hole. Devin's frat boy dicks fucking his hot hole gets him the cash. See Eddie give it up here!

Frat boy dicks splitting Matt´s ass

Into cute college dudes using their frat boy dicks on each other? How about these two hotties - Cole Gartner and Matt Spiers. They're everything you want from hot college boys; tight bodies, smooth skin, cheeky and cocky!

These two guys are hot and heavy right from the start, pawing at each other after having ripped their clothes off. Matt dives down onto Cole's throbbing cock; Matt is a real cock lover and Cole is loving every minute of having Matt's tongue and throat working on his cock.

Cole needed some cock in his mouth and gives a shot at deep-throating Matt's uncut dick, before flipping him over to give a really hot tongue-fucking; he's a total expert at rimming a hot ass. Matt loves getting rimmed but is impatient for a fucking; however, Cole takes his time working his tongue in that hot sweet hole before giving Matt what he is begging for.

This frat sex is really full-on as Cole drills into Matt, making him squirm with pleasure as the rock-hard cock slides in and out of his aching hole. It's really hot as Matt asks Cole to fuck his hole harder in his deep masculine voice! Cole gives Matt everything he asks for and beyond before Matt blows a thick load of cum on himself and takes Cole's as well. If, like Matt, you're asking for some hot sex sucking cock, ass-reaming and a frat boy dicks fucking, it's right here! This is a steaming hot video from these hot college boys!!

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