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Farm boys and frat boy dicks - a great combination! Adam Marx is a horny college stud from the country. You'd never have him down for a country boy but once he takes his kit off you can tell that he's had his share of manual labour.

This hot college boys working hard, playing hard and getting into the gym when he can. It shows in his hard, toned, body and fit bubble butt. As he starts working on his cock, getting it hard and proud, he is still a little camera shy but as he rubs his nipples and pulls on his balls, his breathing becomes slightly harder and deeper.

Soon Adam's in his own world, just him and his cock as he works himself towards his orgasm. Pumping on his big cock, Adam shoots a hot load all over himself. Check out Adam and his hot frat boy dicks show - a sexy stud, a hard cock and a blasting load of cum, here. This farm boy really enjoys milking time - on his own cock!

The trainee medic was exhausted after a long day shadowing the college doctor. He'd heard the rumours about dirty doctor playing with his patients dicks and was about to find out that it was true.

The doctor's examination has this frat boy dicks shooting loads of creamy cum!

After School Antics 3 cover

Eight guys schooled in the art of fucking! School's out and twink dicks are itching for some action! Bottom of the class gets all the A grades! Eight spunk explosions get these classmates messy!

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You're going to seem more than frat boy dicks in this shoot. Jason was messing around with some handcuffs and Rusty has a fear of being tied up - how much would it take for Rusty to face his fears and let Jason handcuff him and have his wicked way with him? A grand was the final agreed figure!

It took Rusty a bit of time to relax once the cuffs were on; but Jason made it easy for him - being gentle to begin with. He teased Rusty over and over again, forcing him down on the bed and licking his cock through his pants, forcing his hand inside and fondling his cock until it was rock hard. Getting him out of his pants, Rusty was left wearing just shorts and shoes as Jason continued to tease his pierced cock with his hand and mouth.

Rusty squirmed and moaned, not because of the cuffs; because Jason was giving such good head. Jason knows how to keep a guy on the edge; he wasn't going to let Rusty shoot his load until he'd given him a good fucking. Lifting Rusty's legs in the air over his head, Jason thrust his hard cock into Rusty's tight fuck-hole - now Rusty was really moaning; all that pleasure in his ass and his cock fit to burst! This frat boy dicks his mate's fuck-hole so hard until they both shoot a load, check it out! Rusty got over his fear of handcuff - until Jason said he couldn't find the key (he was only joking!!).

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